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Critique army of thieves

If you squint hard and focus most of your mental energy on folding your laundry, yeah, army of. clearly designed for the international market, “ army of thieves” is an odd duck, critique army of thieves a prequel to a zombie action movie that doesn’ t have many zombies and hardly any action. neil soans, tnn, updated:, 06. info actualités.

that means unique, clever heists on a fast rotation, big twists, and major revelations, and some genuinely accomplished chase scenes. ( spoilers for army of the. army of thieves is content to dig into its heist dna over everything else ( including, unfortunately, the rom- com sensibility it seeks between sebastian and gwendoline). the first hour of critique “ thieves” is interminable— it’ s an hour before there’ s anything resembling real action— and there’ s just no reason at all for this movie to run over 130 minutes other than length seems to be a part of the snyder mode. read full review 60 scott campbell. 0/ 5 army of thieves story: this prequel to zack snyder’ s ‘ army of the dead’ sees how ludwig dieter ( matthias schweighöfer) gets into the criminal world with his safecracking skills. army of thieves is light on zombies but brings the same sly humor and thrilling action to its story, making it a beautifully crafted entertaining romp in its own right.

while not without charm, the biggest factors working against army of thieves are a confused hybrid of horror and heist genre stories and an approach making it unclear which audience – other than. 24 pm ist critic' s rating: 3.

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